Employee Handbook Legal Review

Employee Handbook Legal Review

Employee handbook legal review

An employee handbook is a valuable resource for common questions that arise in the workplace. It serves as an excellent opportunity for an employer to highlight behaviors that will not be acceptable in the workplace and standards employees should conform to. When drafted properly, a handbook could be an excellent defense against potential legal claims.

However, before your employee handbook can be regarded as ‘properly drafted’, it should be reviewed by a qualified business attorney. A failure to do so may render it null and void, or worse, make it a legal liability for you. Here, we highlight some of the crucial reasons you need to employ a competent attorney for employee handbook legal review.

Why you need to employ a competent attorney for employee handbook legal review

  • Ensure your policies comply with current laws

Admittedly, employers can easily download a generic employee handbook online; there’s no guarantee that the document will comply with the current employment laws. A legal review by a competent attorney is the only fool-proof way to ensure your employee handbook addresses all the necessary points and your policies are in line with current laws. This will be especially necessary for subjects such as occupational safety and health, leave, overtime pay, etc.

  • Ensure your handbook is comprehensive enough

An employee handbook should be comprehensive enough to cover most issues that affect employees in your organization. Although you may not achieve this on the first try, having an attorney help you with the draft will ensure you at least cover the most relevant points. As you review the document, the attorney will also highlight new policies that should be introduced or areas that need to be modified.

  • Ensure your handbook addresses your organization’s unique needs

A generic handbook may fail to address specific topics unique to your industry or organization. When you contract a business attorney for an employee handbook legal review, they can look into such loopholes and create a custom document for you. That way, you’ll guard against creating contractual obligations that are not compliant with the relevant laws or increasing the risk of litigations.

  • Supervise periodic and timely reviews

Employee laws are constantly changing in virtually all states and districts. You may be opening yourself to lawsuits if you refuse to update your handbook to reflect the current laws. When you hire a competent business attorney for employee handbook legal review, they can notify you about pertinent changes that affect your organization and help you with updating the handbook. This will save you time and money in the long run while ensuring your organization remains on the right side of the law.

Contact us for a comprehensive employee handbook legal review

Courts typically consider employee handbook policies as contractual in nature. Thus, you may be opening yourself to serious legal risks or liabilities if you do not employ a competent business attorney to review your employee handbook. Our experienced attorneys at Keith Brady Law are always on hand to help with employee handbook legal review. Schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll discuss how we can get started.

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Employee Handbook Legal Review Employee Handbook Legal Review Employee Handbook Legal Review